Job Title: HR Specialist

Location: Washington, DC

Clearance Level: None

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:15 – 3:15 (Core Hours) (Full Time)



  • Provide advice on Federal civil service staffing and recruitment, and completing individual personnel actions within established timeframes. Advise management officials on various types of Federal civil service hiring authorities and appointments.

  • Work with managers and/or subject matter experts to fill a wide variety of positions through General Schedule grade 15. Determine methods for advertising position, developing job analysis, and selecting/creating questions. Conducting job analyses and ensuring that the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) selected are job related and measurable.

  • Develop and post job opportunity announcements; reviewing applications and determining basic qualifications using the Hiring Management (MGS) system.

  • Assist Adjudicating Veterans' Preference.

  • Prepare certificates of eligibles.

  • Track progress in meeting OPM's 80-day hiring goal.

  • Respond to appeals associated with staffing/classification actions.

  • Apply pay setting calculations.

  • Make job offers to selectees, preparing offer letters, and following up with appropriate EOD procedures.

  • Resolve issues associated with hiring actions; performing regulatory review of SF-52s to ensure appropriate documentation.

  • Ensure compliance with regulations and other program requirements.

  • Maintain a continuing awareness of current developments in staffing and recruitment.

  • Provide policy guidance on merit promotion, career programs, recruitment, special employment programs, and internal placement.

  • Interpret and apply position classification standards to positions to determine the correct pay category, occupational series, title, and grade level.

  • Classify positions and advising management on the efficient and effective use of human resources in the design of both positions and organizations.

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